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Published: 17 May 2014
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Marcin Kapera (Skalar)
Born in 1971 in Krynica, Poland. He is currently working and living in UK. Recently deep into online flying. One day, when me and my family went to local park, I was watching aircraft's making their last straight in to land at EGBB.  My wife asked me: If you like this so much, why you are not a commercial pilot? Why you are not flying? ... Obviously I can't fly as a real pilot but ...- That was the moment when I promised myself - One day I will be a pilot - VIRTUAL PILOT!!! And everything thanks to my wonderful wife.

Then to make my dream alive I will need a flight simulator - home made simulator like real aircraft cockpit of Airbus A320.

On the website you can see progress from day one. Hope you enjoy the website as well as is useful for all enthusiasts of virtual flying.