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At SKALARKI electronics Ltd, we are extremely happy to see that long awaited, new Microsoft Flight Simulator will be launched on 18th of August. I am sure that not only we, as a company, but also the rest of the community, are very impressed with what we have seen so far.

One more project completed during the lock-down. Initially, created as a custom order, but then added as a new product to our shop. 

In the meantime during lock-down we managed to prepare some new hardware upgrades. This time nice Detent Pointers as upgrade to latest TQ version. Please ba aware, tht they are not back compatible and they can be installed only on new units ordered from July.

After months of hard work finally FSLabs team released first public version of the interface.

We are pleased to announce, that our new P&P Home Line components are ready to order with 3-6 weeks delivery time. Boxes done in aluminium, powder coated with top fake leather finish. Compatible with X-plane and p3d. Devices are interfaced via generic USB HID driver.

Paneles de diseño y fabricación

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Podemos diseñar y fabricar cualquier panel personalizado. Si tienes algún proyecto en curso o futuro, por favor contáctanos para los presupuestos. Todos nuestros paneles están fabricados internamente, utilizando materiales de calidad como máquinas CNC, cortadora y grabadora láser, pulverizador y cabina de recubrimiento el polvo. READ MORE

Modelado 3D y mecanizado

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Usamos una poderosa estación interna CAD/CAM para realizar las tareas más complicadas de modelado y renderizado 3D. El sistema se basa en un software de Autodesk para el modelado 3D y la generación de archivos CNC. Dos maquinas CNC de alta gama que manejan que manejan casi cualquier trabajo que necesitemos mecanizar. READ MORE

Desarollo de software .Net

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Una empresa tan completa no puede existir sin un equipo de desarrollo de software. En nuestro caso parte del trabajo lo sub-contratamos, pero la mayoría se realiza internamente. Sin embargo, trabajamos con desarrolladores profesionales para asegurarnos de que nuestro software esté hecho con los más altos estándares y cumpla con las expectativas del usuario. READ MORE

Diseño electrónico integrado

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Las habilidades de diseño electrónico y un gran interés en microcontroladores fue un factor importante para crear nuestra empresa. Todo comenzó con diseño simple de placa de I/O para interactuar con un panel hecho por afición. Ahora podemos diseñar una amplia gama de dispositivos para cualquier cabina del simulador y para cualquier modelo de avión. READ MORE

What Our Customers Said About Us

I have been using SKALARKI for about five years and things works very very nice, very affordable price with an excellent quality and support from Marcin is always available, you got responses always. FDS has good products too, however they seems to be focusing in a bigger and more specialised market and their enthusiastic field seems to be reducing. Also SKALARKI is in constant development, you get new versions updates and compatibility with more and recent products, personally I recommend it.
Adonis: Private User
Great product - great value for money. We have just fitted an FCU, a MCDU and an ECAM panel, together with the interface board, to our Airbus shell. Worked almost first time we fired it up - Marcin was really fantastic and with a little help from him we now have a superb simulator. Thoroughly recommended
Roger Cato: Flightdeck Technology Ltd
I got phone calls and emails with Mr Marcin Kapera and I can assure you, he's absolutely thrustworthy, friendly, professional and all that he said has been real and honored in time! Perfect delivery quality to France and the hardware is exactly as i was expected. I highly recommend this company because it is the cheapest professional hardware existing and they are serious, totally trustworthy and they do their best to arrange the client.
Stephane Simonetti: Private user
I have just recently (nov 2018) got my Skalarki production consisting of overhead, mip, glare and pedestal items. This has been an ongoing project for two years. It´s my pleasure to give Marcin Kapera, director and his team my highest recommendation for the items they design and produce and not the least the quality of service - which is simply high end and very comparable with service expected by customer from companies in totally different sectors and were I do have experience such as Leica Germany, BMW and Toyota.
Árni Stefán Árnason: Private User
That must be said! Excellent service. High quality products. And super awesome support, super fast, super friendly and very patient! I can only recommend to anyone !!! I wish there were more vendors like Skalarki! Thank you for the great care.
Jonny Kuehnel : Private User

Cada año conseguimos más y más clientes de todo el mundo. Nuestro grupo principal siguen siendo usuarios privados y estamos muy contentos con eso ya que este era nuestro objetivo principal, cuando epezamos nuestra empresa en 2008. Sin embargo estamos centrando en el mercado profesional y este es el campo donde se expandirá en el futuro. Estamos orgullosos de tener presencia relevante de nuestros dispositivos en varios centros de entretenimiento, así como en escuelas de vuelo. Este año y el siguiente aparecerán muchos dispositivos nuevos para cubrir una amplia gama de demanda de simuladores de vuelo.

Our Capabilities

  • Panels design and fabrication
  • 3d modeling and CNC machining
  • .NET Development
  • Embeded electronics design
  • Sheet Metal work design and fabrication
  • Mechanical design and development

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