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1. First connection

I/O PEDESTAL and I/O OVERHEAD comes already assembled, tested and ready to work.  All SKALARKI I/O boards needs extra power supply 5V. I am always recommending PC PSU for cockpit builders as even cheapest PSU is very good quality and has got more Amps then is needed.

First step is to download latest release of SkalarkiIO Profiler. Package contains some folders including USB divers needed in next step. After downloading unpack archive to any location and keep structure of folders unchanged. This will help to manage correctly upgrade process once new versions of software and or drivers is released

Once everything is ready (PSU is connected) plug in USB into PC.

2. Installing USB driver

As this is USB device, installation procedure is exactly same like for any other USB hardware. Connect unit to USB socket.
Once I/O Pedestal(Overhead) is connected to PC, windows will ask for driver for new USB device, then point search patch to folder with SkalarkiIOProfiller unpacked in point 1.


Once driver is installed correctly device will be listed on the Device Manager list.



This message confirms that USB driver was installed correctly. USB_installed_readytouse
If for some reason next to name of usb device, red cross or yellow exclamation mark appeared - driver wasn't installed correctly.


To reinstall driver right click on device name, then click on "Update Driver" and follow the screens below.






And finally you will end up with USB driver installed. See screen below.


This example was for I/O PEDESTAL  but in exactly same way I/O OVERHEAD driver can to be installed. After succesfully driver installation proceed to next step.

3. SkalarkiIOProfiler

SkalarkiIOProfiler is a software required to connect SKALARKI hardware with Flight Simulator. To work, this software is using FSUIPC as well as other software libraries for specific addons (JEEHELL, PM, AST, WILCO). Next is SkalarkiIOProfiler Module (.dll library) which bridging SkalarkiIOProfiler with specific addon and last bit is SkalarkiIOProfiler Profile  (.xml file) to connect hardware and software together. Finally to get everything working we need Module and Profile and sometimes dedicated piece of software (like FSUIPC Exporter for WILCO Airbus).

In SkalarkiIOProfiler folder you will find subfolders .../modules and .../profiles. After unzipping they can contain some files mainly for learning and testing purpose. Now depends which aircraft you want to use, you will have to download and copy into those folders aircraft specific files. Always they works in pairs .dll and .xml.
If you wnat to use Jeehell FMGS download:
1. JEEHELLAirbus Profile.xml and copy to .../profiles folder
2. JEEHELLAirbus.dll and copy to .../modules folder
You can keep as many .dll as well .xml files as you want (as long they came from SKALARKI). When you starting profile software will know which library to use. This way you can create different customized profiles for different aircraft and run them any time. Profile (.xml) file can be edited using EditProfile button from main window.

To learn more how to use SkalarkiIOProfiler see here.

4. Hardware - how to connect INPUTS?

INPUTS are situated in the middle of pcb and grupped in 8 sections with 16 inputs in each section. Each group has got separate IDC connector as shown on picture. Best for these connections is 16 way flat cable with cable mounted plug.
1. Connecting momentary, toggle, or rotary switches All of them can be connected to any available INPUT pin and then configured in Profile Editor.
2. Rotary encoders with 2 bit gray code: - 1 pulse/detent, 2 pulses/detent, 4 pulses/detent Encoder can be connected to any pair of INPUT pins with only one condition - pins must be in the same group (socket). In Edit Profile window encoder can be configured.

5. Hardware - how to connect OUTPUTS?

Connecting Led up to 5V and max 20mA
One Led connected to any I/O Outputs group
Two Led's in serial connected to any I/O Outputs group (any colour Led except white and blue)
Two Led's connected in pararell to any I/O Outputs group (preffered for white and blue Led's)
16-segment Led display (common cathode only)

6. Hardware - how to connect 7-segment displays

Connecting 7-segment displays, common cathode max 70mA per segment max.

Displays are grupped in 4 grups of eight 7-segment digits in aech grup (all segments are pararelled). Each group has got separate IDC connector as shown on picture below. Best for these connections is 16 way flat cable with cable mounted plug. The same layout is used in other SKALRKI devices to make connections as easy as possible.

SKALARKI I/O PEDESTAL (OVERHEAD) : 7-segment displays section


Displays socket PIN's layout

Display group socket - electric connections


end faq

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