As we are about to release new Profiler version with X-plane support, new section on the forum was created. Please feel free to post there all related topics.
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Again this year we will be there, showing our latest offer. Warmly welcome all our existing and potential customers.

We are pleased to announce, that our first product from new Desktop Line is ready to order with 6 weeks delivery time. All parts are original size as normal versions but in special enclosures and in case of system upgrade can be used in the cockpit. Desktop line is compatible with X-plane and p3d and no extra software or driver is needed. Devices are supported via SkalarkiIO Profiler.

Fancy to use hardware with your favourite X-plane A320, ToLiss, JarDesign, Peter A320, QPAC A320 or Flight Factor?
X-Plane driver comes soon.... Stay tuned!

Couple of changes in new release. Addressed bugs from last 1460 version. Some updates in jlfmgs, AST and PM library. Major change is that installer is now digitally signed to avoid Windows Defender warnings. Please feel free to post issues or reporting bugs on dedicated forum thread.

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